Midland Energy Ratings LTD

Domestic As Design DER TER Reports

Working in conjunction with you to ensure your requirement for the home design meet the energy usage specification of the current regulations for Part L1 of the  Building Regulations and providing all the supporting documents including all the required ;-

Energy Reports for residential extensions and alterations

We use a number of methods to ensure that the extension you desire complies to the current building regulations for part L1B, weighted u value calculation to whole home carbon comparison reports.

Residential Air Pressure Testing Services

We provide a service to you which checks that your new home achieves the air pressure target set by the as design DER TER reports in accordance with part L1A of the building regulations and ensures your home have been built to the high quality you expect.
This is certification required by building control at the planning application stage.
As Built SAP’s / Completion SAP’s
This is certification required by building control as part of the completion certificate.

Residential On Construction Energy Performance Certification (EPC)

We provide the as built audit check which enables us to produce and publish the as built DER TER and the EPC which are required by building control to enable them to issue the new homes completion notice (other documents are required too, IE Gas Safe cert. EEI elertical Cert.)

Our Current Services

Commercial EPC’s and SBEM calculations

We provide a highly efficient and effective service to produce both commercial EPC’s for existing properties, which enables our clients to bring the properties to the Sale or Rental market and or to enable them to install solar roof panels, thus enabling them to receive the feeder tariff and rebates if applicable.

We provide as design DER and TER reports for commercial project to ensure that the units design complies with the current building regulations for part L2A  and the on completion of the project we produce the On Construction DER TER reports and the ON Construction commercial EPC certification